I've Got Nothing

I just don’t have the time or desire to do this right now. It’s unfortunate. That said, I am working at least four other ventures in addition to homeschooling the girls, keeping the home in order, and trying to have a life. Maybe I will try again another time.

: )

What you eat today has to...

What are you going to eat?

Goodbye Epcot

We had a great day at Epcot. The girls got to add to their Princess autograph collection, we all got to experience Captain EO again (for which I may be owed an apology), and I got to spend some time in Norway (among other lands). Here's a picture of a viking mug to prove it. Well, not prove so much as circumstantial evidence.

Tomorrow is our last day. We will spend a few hours at the Animal Kingdom and then head to the airport. My feet will appreciate some down-time at home, but I will miss Disney World and fondly think of the great memories and delicious food (I've had some of the best food I have ever eaten).

So, time for bed.

Good Night Castle

That's two days done in the Magic Kingdom. Had a fantastic time! Time to get to bed and wake up early for a day at Epcot. This shot is from Main Street, but I can also see the castle from my bed as I type this. Goodnight, Castle.

Disney World App FTW

This day was made even more awesome thanks to the Disney World app. GPS and an awesome map kept things on track all day.


Gorgeous and delicious. The best mousse dessert I've ever had. From the Princess Lunch at Sleeping Beauty's Castle.

Facebook by way of Postach.io

So, I am trying out Postach.io. Danscribing.com will get you there (if you're not already there). Another thing I am doing is changing my relationship with Facebook. I've agreed to not check in with her so much and she's agreed to not piss me off all the time. Fair enough.

The thing is, I still enjoy posting those random tidbits and Postach.io lets me do that. The other thing is, there are only a few people who care about my tidbits. This is where Facebook comes in. Let's face it, most people don't care about most people's tidbits, but on Facebook we've all quietly agreed to "care." After all, we're "friends," right?

So, how to bring this beautiful mess together? I needed a way to post my random stuff, let the few people who may actually care about it, see it, all while keeping up with the terms of my self-imposed partial restraining order with Facebook. Enter Postach.io's "post to Facebook" feature. While there seems to be some wrinkles to iron out, I should be able to post my Danscribing posts to Facebook simply by tagging them with "fb" in Evernote.

Sounds good. Now let's see if it works.

I'm On Postach.io...

...at least for the time being. I like it, but we'll see how long I last.

I did Tumblr for awhile, but the abundance of soft-core porn and raving youth took a toll. I was an early Postach.io adopter but it didn't last. Now I'm back to try again and I'm excited to see what the platform has become.

Postach.io is a Tumblr-like blogger built on Evernote. Long story short, you write your post as an Evernote note in an Evernote folder named for your blog. When you are done composing, you tag it "published" and you're done. It goes live to your Postach.io site straight away. Love it!

Danscribing is a place I can journal the daily stuff and write about anything I like, quick and easy. For the time being, because I don't have commenting installed, I also don't have to deal with trolls or other people's opinions (I do that just about everywhere else!). It also may turn out to be a Facebook alternative for me, but more about that in a future post.

Postach.io. Check it out.

Got Humidity?

Just landed in Orlando. 92% humidity at 12:22 a.m.


I'm Going To Disneyworld!

Heading to Disneyworld with the family! First time and we're excited. We've made it through airport security and now we're enjoying a pre-flight meal at Elway's! Then off to the first class cabin for four or five hours. Stay tuned!